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BY KATIE BERNARD for Kansas City Star As stay-at-home orders in the Kansas City area went into effect this week, domestic violence shelters and advocates made adjustments and braced for change. Social distancing flipped the lives of thousands on their heads. For victims of domestic violence, however, it has the potential to make a bad […]

By: Gabriella Pagán // 41 Action News   KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Advocates like Kaitlin Dempsey are the first point of contact that residents have with Newhouse, Kansas City’s first domestic violence shelter. As a result of the fallout from COVID-19, the shelter’s largest fundraiser, ‘New Day Luncheon’, is now virtual. Given the situation that caused the […]

Let’s make a VIRTUAL IMPACT together!  During a time when our country and our world is paying close attention to the risks and spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we can still spread the love, cast high fives and give supportive hugs at the New Day Luncheon –  virtual style .     There is no way to predict how the COVID-19 […]

KMBC 9: Have a Heart for Newhouse Campaign

Newhouse is a place where so many turn for refuge. “Any place outside of where they are experiencing violence is certainly a better place,” said Courtney Thomas, of Newhouse. “The shelter wants to offer survivors more — a place that makes them feel loved.”

View video online.

President & CEO, Vicki Kraft, interviewed by 41 Action News
October is Domestic Violence Month and a time to raise awareness for abuse and where survivors can find shelter and healing from the trauma. View video online.

Action News 41: #DVAMturns30
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Vicki Kraft, President/CEO and Sandy Batesel, owner Cryo Clinic, work to raise awareness and promote the upcoming gala, House Party 2017: Dreaming of a Bright Future with celebrity guest speaker, Robin Givens. View video online.

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Newhouse Announces New President/CEO

It is with great enthusiasm that the Newhouse Board of Directors names Courtney Thomas as its new President & CEO. She will start on December 16, 2019. Read more…

November 2019 Newsletter

With nearly 600 people in attendance, together we raised over $300,000 to support the powerful, life-changing work that Newhouse does to break the cycle of violence. Thank you to those of you who joined us to celebrate our 20th Anniversary House Party, and to stand up for the survivors we serve. Read more…

October 2019 Newsletter

Join us for our annual signature event. This year we celebrate House Party’s 20th Anniversary and we invite you to stand alongside other committed Newhouse supporters, coming together to build a stronger tomorrow. Read more…

August 2019 Newsletter

As a recent retiree, Dave Stadler wanted to spend more of his time serving the local community. At the advice of a former colleague, Dave toured Newhouse and saw its impact. He enjoyed spending time with the staff and learning about their dedication to the programming. He found it difficult but motivating to meet individuals who do not feel safe in their own homes – especially children coming from a violent environment. Read more…

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