Since 1971, Newhouse has been providing safe shelter, healing therapy and the tools necessary to help survivors live a life of self-sufficiency. With such high demand for our services, and the shelter staying at capacity most of the time, it is challenging to secure the time and resources for renovations.

We are asking the community to Share Your Love with Newhouse and sponsor the renovation of a room for $2500. There are 24 rooms to renovate. Each room will be repainted, new flooring installed, new blinds hung, a new desk and chair for each room and the wardrobe refinished. A plaque in honor of your generous gift will be placed outside the room.

Sponsor a room on your own, or go in together with co-workers, friends, neighbors or family. Together, we can provide the best possible environment for the survivors in our care. This is also a great way for corporate sponsors to get involved!

Support the entire remodel for $2500 or choose to sponsor an item on the list below:

  • Flooring $1250
  • Desks and chairs $500
  • Painting $375
  • Wardrobe Refinish $175
  • Blinds $150
  • New Door Lock $50

Click here to make your gift today!

Together, we are building stronger tomorrows!