Meet Cecilia G, Shelter Advocate at Newhouse. Cecilia is a on the frontline supporting and connecting survivors to vital resources.  

“My favorite part about working at Newhouse is seeing the joy on the clients face when they are finally being assisted with things that they’ve had difficulty with in the past,” Cecilia says. “We help survivors with court processes assistance, applying for Medicaid, or even clothing for themselves and their kiddos.”

If I could describe Newhouse in one word, it would be essential. We are one of the only shelters that accepts anyone fleeing domestic violence regardless of gender identity or gender expression. Additionally, we are one of the shelters that accepts men into shelter, which is such an important service to provide because of the stigma that exists around men experiencing domestic violence.”

Outside of Newhouse, you can find Cecilia working on graduate coursework or reading journal articles on different psychological processes. Thank you, Cecilia, for being a valued member of Team Newhouse!