If you’ve been around the Newhouse community, you’re sure to have seen one of Newhouse’s greatest advocates: Christopher Stibbs. Chris serves as Newhouse’s Director of Philanthropic Engagement. His Newhouse roots run deep, and today, he is one of our most vocal fans, advocates and community builders. 

“I’m just one person. Together, we’re building an army that says ‘no more violence.’ We can create change.” 

Meet Chris. 

Chris’ Newhouse Connection

While studying at Rockhurst, a chance stumbling upon a Newhouse brochure ignited Chris’ passion for the organization. “I knew nothing about domestic violence,” he says. “I was looking for somewhere to volunteer . . . if I hadn’t come across this brochure, my whole trajectory could have been different!” 

After discovering Newhouse in 2013, he began volunteering to work the hotline. Over the years, he went on to work part time for Newhouse and serve on its YP Board, before finally joining the Newhouse team full time in March 2019. In that time, he graduated from Rockhurst with his undergrad and master’s degrees, and also served as a fundraiser at another shelter. 

His Role at Newhouse 

You’ll find Chris working on several key initiatives expanding the Newhouse community. From fundraising and cultivating corporate donors, to managing special events and sharing the Newhouse Story  . . . Chris’s goal is to connect and grow Newhouse. 

“It’s always on my mind,” Chris says. “I’m a big networker, and I love meeting new people. I love connecting with people in the community who are passionate about their work. I get to share my passion for my work. Then, we find ways to work together.” 

What he loves about Newhouse

Newhouse clients fuel Chris’ work. “When I see them rise from the impacts of trauma .  . . I see them get their first apartment, get their licence, achieve their GED. I’m honored to hear these stories of client success, and then I get to share those success stories with community members.” 

His passion for Domestic Violence

“Domestic violence survivors have been left in the shadows over the years. I get the chance to shine a light and be a voice for survivors.” 

“This is so much more than a job for me. This work has to be done. We have to raise awareness.”

What are your hidden talents or hobbies you would like to share? 

Chris enjoys his sand volleyball community, which he has also rallied to help support Newhouse with our Digs Against Domestic Violence annual event. “I love to get self care & exercise. I’ve met so many people playing sand volleyball . . . now they are attending Newhouse events, donating, even having their companies sponsor Newhouse.” 

Newhouse in One Word

“It’s not grammatically correct . . . but ‘in-powerment,’” he says. “When we ‘in-power,’ we are helping clients unlock the power and strength within them that they have always had.” 

“We are not saviors. We’re walking side-by-side with survivors. We are just a small part of their journey. We support them as they find the power and strength within them.” 

Connect with Chris 

Are you looking to support Newhouse? Give Chris a call or email. He’d love to spend 15 minutes with you to show you the power of Newhouse ‘in-powering’ survivors’ lives. You can impact them, too.

[email protected]  // 402-612-2764 


Thank you, Chris, for being a dedicated member of Team Newhouse and advocate for our mission. We are grateful for you!