Meet Emily Harris, Shelter Advocate at Newhouse. Her role is critical to the mission of Newhouse — answering hotline calls, screening new residents, cleaning and setting up rooms, providing essential items to residents and much more.

“My favorite part about working for Newhouse is watching the journey our residents go through while they are here in shelter,” Emily says. “Making a relationship with residents and seeing their successes, such as getting a job, being approved for housing or getting reunited with their children, is so exciting. Even though they still go through hard times and face a lot of obstacles while they are here, I love being able to be a source of encouragement for them.”

“If I could describe Newhouse in one word it would be challenging. I used to see this word as negative or intimidating, but after seeing the results of so many people overcoming some of the biggest challenges in their life I only see it as an opportunity for greatness.  Not much of what we do here is easy, but it is worth it without a doubt. Staff challenges one another to constantly be the best we can be for our residents, just as we challenge our residents to be the best they can be for themselves and their family. “

Outside of Newhouse, you can find Emily spending quality time with her family and friends. Thank you, Emily, for being a valued member of Team Newhouse!