Community Education

Community outreach and education is important advocacy on behalf of domestic violence victims – whether in the shelter or community. The goal of this service is to create awareness of domestic violence and educate the public in order to prevent the cycle of generational violence before it begins. “In Her Shoes” and Silent Witness re-enact the plight of victims seeking to leave their abusers. Newhouse also seeks to provide qualified speaker’s on various domestic violence topics.

In Her Shoes is an interactive presentation that fosters empathy with victims of domestic violence. Participants move, do, think and experience the lives of abused women. It is the experiential nature of `In Her Shoes` that allows participants to understand the severe challenges faced by abused women and to answer for themselves that enduring question: Why doesn`t she just leave?

For more information or to scheduling an `In Her Shoes` presentation, contact Karena at 816-462-0500 or [email protected]

Designed with the classroom in mind, In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence is an engaging way to talk about dating violence and healthy relationships with young people in one class period. Participants become one of six characters based on the experiences of real teens including sexting, pregnancy, homophobia, and stalking. They make choices about their relationships and move through the scenario by reading about interactions with their dating partner, family, friends, counselors, police, and others.

Newhouse speakers are available to come to your organization to speak to both youth and adults about the realities of dating violence. If you would like to arrange a presentation for your group, contact Karena at 816-462-0500 or [email protected]

The Silent Witnesses represent women and children who were murdered in acts of domestic violence in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Each personal story is displayed on each witness silhouette.

The goal of the Silent Witness Exhibit is to stop domestic violence by:

  • Helping you visualize the problem of domestic violence
  • Moving you and the community to action
  • Protecting all women and children

If your company or organization is interested in providing the space and set-up for the exhibit so it could be viewed by your employees or membership, we are eager to accommodate. Your exhibit can feature some or all of the witnesses. History of the Exhibit

The idea of the Silent Witness project began in 1992 with a group of women artists, the Minnesota`s Women`s Consortium. They created 27 red silhouettes representing women who had died as a result of domestic violence in Minnesota the previous year. Each silhouette included a plaque memorializing each victim by telling her story. Since 1992, all 50 states have developed a Silent Witness Project.

The Kansas City initiative is a collaboration among the National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Kansas City Section; the Metropolitan Family Violence Coalition comprised of Newhouse, Hope House, Rose Brooks Center, SAFEHOME, Synergy Services and Joyce H. Williams. The exhibit represents named victims killed by their intimate partner as well as telling the story of the last silhouette who represents the unknown victim.

For more information about scheduling the Silent Witness exhibit, contact Karena at 816-462-0500 or [email protected]

Community outreach promotes education and awareness about:

  • Domestic violence in the workplace
  • How the faith community can respond to domestic violence
  • How domestic violence impacts children
  • Teen dating violence

For more information about scheduling a speaker for your event, group or organization, contact Karena at 816-462-0500 or [email protected].