North American Savings Bank provides $115,000 gift to victims of domestic violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Newhouse, Kansas City’s first domestic violence shelter, receives one of its largest corporate gifts of $115,000 from the North American Savings Bank (NASB). Their support over the last two years has funded a significant portion of our children’s program.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, many nonprofits are facing financial hardships and experiencing a decrease in funding for critical programs and services offered to our community. This gift comes at the vital time to ensure Newhouse can continue providing life-saving services for some of Kansas City’s most vulnerable populations.

“We understand the additional pressures and financial challenges victims of domestic abuse are facing during this pandemic,” said NASB CEO Paul Thomas. “We’re pleased this donation will help alleviate some of those immediate hardships and provide greater resources for those families.”

In 2018, Missouri domestic violence shelters provided shelter for over 12,000 individuals and families, but over 26,000 individuals and families had unmet needs due to a lack of bed space and staffing (Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence). With a 22 percent increase in domestic violence calls compared to this time last year, now is a critical time to provide comprehensive care to families in the Kansas City community who are isolated, alone, and fearing for their lives.

“All Kansas Citians deserve to live in an environment where they are safe, respected and free from an environment of violence,” says Courtney Thomas, Newhouse CEO/President. “Breaking the cycle of domestic violence is truly a community effort. We are so grateful for NASB’s generous commitment to stand with survivors during this critical time.”

COVID-19 has created many barriers for survivors in the Kansas City community, but Newhouse is committed to ensuring that survivors have a safe place to stay.

“Through this crisis, we are discovering our collective power as a voice for hope,” Thomas says. “Hope gives survivors, and all of us, strength to overcome and rise.”

Learn more about NASB’s commitment to helping our community grow by visiting their website at


About Newhouse

Every day, Newhouse provides shelter and protection for up to 88 survivors of domestic violence, including women, men and children. We have been a safe-haven for those fleeing abuse for 49 years, providing:

Emergency shelter, food, clothing, and children’s services
Healing through mental health services and therapy for adults and children
Case management and transitional/permanent housing services
Court advocacy, education and community awareness
The only on-site school at a domestic violence shelter providing education for Kindergarten through 6th grade.

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