Clarencetta O. has served on Team Newhouse for nearly ten years. She began as a shelter advocate and now serves as outreach case manager. “I love my work,” she says. “It’s truly a calling.” 

Overcoming Obstacles 

Because domestic violence is often intertwined with barriers of racism, financial insecurity and trauma, survivors often face an uphill battle when securing housing for themselves and their families. Many clients have experienced evictions, dings on their credit reports or misdemeanor charges due to effects of domestic violence. 

In her role as outreach case manager, Clarencetta helps Newhouse clients get into housing seamlessly. 

“I work with the landlord and let them know our clients are starting a new life,” she says. “I explain about their past trauma and help them get a second chance. Survivors and their families deserve a new start in life.” 

Survivors and their families deserve a new start in life. 

Survivor Resilience

Clarencetta has witnessed story after story of survivors’ success. She knows survivors who were at Newhouse several years ago who now have finished their education, finished college, own homes and have thriving families. 

“Some are RNs some work in the business field,” she says. “Now, they come back and encourage clients in the shelter. They help others get back on their feet again.” 

Her passion for serving domestic violence survivors 

“I am passionate because there is a strong need, care, love and understanding. We all have setbacks in our life and have to move forward from there. I love helping. That is my passion. I love providing all that we can give at Newhouse.” 

How she describes Newhouse

“Newhouse is a second chance in life. It’s a start over. Here, we have a mission, we have an awesome, caring, compassionate staff. We work hard as a team,to give survivors the second chance they deserve.” 

Her words for survivors

“Let us help you. Come in and work with us. Call us. We have an excellent team. Awesome therapists, recovery counselors, advocates we’re here or you. Call in when you feel comfortable to receive what’s here for you.” 

Thank you, Clarencetta, for your commitment and service to Newhouse survivors. You make our mission possible, and we are grateful for you.